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Thanks to everyone who posted for the '12 Kinks of Xmas' Challenge.

Please vote from you favourite!

[Poll #1114054]

The January has the 'Spank Me' Challenge, ie, Spanking.

Art and fic both welcome!
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[livejournal.com profile] velocitygrass's story for the Countdown to Stargate Challenge Out of Touch was nominated for a McShep Awards.

Did anyone else have their Kinkofthemonth Story Nominated? Or see one while they were going through the Nominees?

Also, How do people feel about KOTM doing some Kink Awards? Would you guys be up for that?

[Poll #1107555]

Please reply in the comments for what categories you'd like to see.. ie Best Spanking, etc

I'm throwing in "I didn't think I'd find this kink hot until I read your story" as a suggestion. Its happened to me often enough!!
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The December challenge started today!

As such, the poll for the November Challenge is below.

[Poll #1098388]

December challenge stories/art can be posted as of today
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Announcing the second annual "12 Kinks of Xmas" slashfic contest.

Remember, the "Sex in Space" Challenge stories are being posted until the end of November. The "12 Kinks of Xmas" Challenge will take effect as of December 1st.

The Rules )

The 12 most popular in the poll will determine the prompts.

[Poll #1089013]
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Please let me know if the poll are annoying people - I can put them behind a cut, but then you can't vote on your friends page.

[Poll #1084362]
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[Poll #1083744]
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More of the kink polls

[Poll #1083739]
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And now one from SG1 - tomorrow I'll post another from each

[Poll #1083045]
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Since I fell in love with [personal profile] scribblinlenore's poll here I thought it might be fund to do something here..

I will post one for each males of SGA and SG1 and invite you wonderful kinksters to post your own poll to the comm so I don't run out of Ideas!!

[Poll #1083057]
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Okies my kinkalicious friends, it is voting time. You may choose up to 12 kinks from the following lists. The polls close next Tuesday (Nov 28th) and I will post the results and give details on the challenge on the 30th. Get ready to write for this one, because there will be prizes :)

LJ only lets me have 15 checkboxes per poll, so I had to break it up into 2 questions. Please only pick a total of 12 kinks (in any combination on the polls, like 6 on each or 3 on one and 9 on the other). Thanks. Happy voting!!

Click here for good descriptions of most of these kinks.

Edit: The polls are now closed. Stay tuned for the contest details!

[Poll #872577]
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Yeah, I know, I'm a slacker. RL has been crazy. Between that and all of the writing I've been doing (my story for October's challenge should be posted later today), I've neglected our little group. So, here's the poll to vote for November's kink. I'll give you guys until Friday to cast your ballots. *hugs and kisses*

[Poll #857502]

Edit 10/05/06:The poll is now closed. Thanks for voting.
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Okay people, September is almost over. Where are all of the handcuff fics (mine is almost finished)? Anyway, the polls will be open for the next three days, so go ahead and vote.

[Poll #832298]

Edit: 10/1/06 - The Polls are now closed. Thank you for voting.


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