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Title: Taking Advantage
Author: Huggle
Fandom: SGA
Kink: Domination/submission; possessiveness/jealousy; masturbation
Pairing: Caldwell/Sheppard
Summary: Dr. McKay's staff might tremble before him, but Caldwell isn't going to be so easily put off.
Disclaimer: SGA and its characters don't belong to me, and I'm not making any profit from this so please don't sue me.
Author's notes: This is the sequel to Compelled, and Not Like This. To be honest, I'm not happy with it. I think Caldwell seems OOC, and the development seems a bit hazy at best. Still, I tinkered with it as much as I dared, and I hope the next instalment makes it seem a bit clearer. Please let me know what you think.

Taking Advantage )
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Title: Not like this
Author: Huggle
Rating: NC17/R
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard; Sheppard/?
Kink: for the Masturbation challenge; also features coercion.
Summary: Elizabeth has Rodney check why the security camera for one of the uninhabited sections isn't working. Rodney finds out.
Author's notes: I kind of feel like I'm cheating a bit here. There is masturbation, just not a lot of it, either, and the closest the story gets to porn is some petting and kissing. Sorry, folks. This is the sequel to Compelled. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] garneteve for reading this over and giving me support!
Disclaimer: SGA and its characters don't belong to me.

Not like this )
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Since it's the Merry Month of May and everyone else is doing it, I give you:

The Masturbation Challenge

Of course, there can be some sexin' in there too. I would never deny you that.

*hugs and kisses from you kinky neighborhood moderator*


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