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Name:Stargate Slash Kink of the Month Club
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This community is dedicated to fics and pics depicting kinks for the boys and girls of Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis. Every month the moderators will post a kink challenge for you to answer, if you so choose. We will also take requests for each month's kink. The rules are simple:

1) Please use a header with the following information:

Kink Challenge:
Spoilers: (if any)
Author's Notes:

2) Please tag your entries with the name of the current challenge.

3) Please use the lj-cut

4) Please be nice to your fellow writers. No flaming allowed. Treat others with respect.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me (just make sure you mention the community name in the subject).

Other notes:

A) The authors can write about the current kink challenge or a previous month's kink as long as they tag their entry :)

B) I don't have a problem with someone using a previously written fic, or one written for another community. Of course I always love new stuff too. The more kink written the better :)

C) We decided to include femslash. Threesomes and foursomes are okay too as long as it includes some slash.
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