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Title: Sheppard's Game
Author: whiteraven
Pairing: Sheppard/McKay/Ronon
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Umm, porn?
Kink Challenge: Bondage 'All tied up with a...'
Spoilers: Unless you count Ronon, then no.
Author's Notes: This is a direct squeal to Some Call It Chess.
Warnings: marked skin, double penetration, bondage. Not beta'd.


He was sore, but that didn't matter as his loose limbs stretched. Opening his eyes, John turned his head to find McKay flopped on his stomach, drooling. Smirking, John started to poke him when he realized that the faint noises he'd taken for McKay breathing, weren't coming from McKay.

Ronon lay on his side, his breathing even. John could feel himself hardening at the sight of Ronon's naked chest, the sheet twisted around his hips. John lay back and remembered how they'd played the night before.

Looking down at his erection, John decided that no matter what happened he'd be with them again. Rolling over roused Ronon and John found himself pinned to the bed, Ronon's wide eyes staring down at him.


Ronon grunted and pressed a thumb into a bite mark on John's shoulder.

Sucking in a breath, John let his eyelids fall towards being closed. "More."

There was a rumble above him and Ronon's weight vanished. John opened his eyes to see Ronon's ass disappear as the bathroom door slid closed.

"That went well."

John snorted and pulled McKay on top of him. "He didn't run screaming."

"Well, it wasn't screaming, but he did try to leave. I changed his mind."

"Threatened him."

"Ordered, threatened, it's all the same."

With a short laugh, John shoved McKay's mouth down on the bite mark John's shoulder. "I liked last night. You did well with the verbal stuff."

McKay grunted as he sucked on the skin surrounding the bite mark. He pinched John's nipple and the man pulled him into a tight embrace, one hand keeping McKay's head against his shoulder.

"I want more. Him. You." John huffed. "Things. I need...oh, shit."

McKay got a hand into John's hair and pulled his head back. Then Ronon was there, his face inches from John's.

"Need what, Sheppard?"

John gasped and tried to move, but McKay weighed him down. "Please...hold me."

Lifting his mouth from John's mottled skin, McKay blew across the wet spot he'd made. "I'm holding you, John."

With a gasp, John failed a arm until Ronon pinned it down. "Not enough. Ropes, there's ropes..."

Pulling back, McKay looked at Ronon who was scanning the room. "What after you're bound, John? What comes next?"

John moaned and started to sit up until Ronon shoved him back down and leaned weight on his chest. With a grunt, John relaxed back. "Fucking." He closed his eyes. "Letting me take as much as I can."

Rodney searched the closet that John had been flailing his arm at. "What each of us, one after the other?"

John shivered, squirming in Ronon's hold. "Oh, yeah...both. Oh, both would..." John squeezed his eyes shut. "I'm greedy."

Dropping the rope he'd found, Rodney firmly slapped John's thigh. "Stop. We agreed that I'd call you names, that you don't call yourself negative things."

John nodded. Ronon watched as Rodney began to wind the rope around John's wrists up his arms to his elbows.

"What else do you want, Sheppard?" Ronon traced a end of a welt on John's side.

With unfocused eyes, John stared towards the ceiling as Rodney wove the rope around his arms. "Belonging. Love." John lolled his head towards Ronon. "Feels good to be held down so I can fly."

Ronon smoothed back John's hair. "Yes. You want me to stay?"

John blinked slowly. "Fuck me. Stay...Like you." John smiled. "Lots."

With a small grin back, Ronon picked up another length of rope. "May I weave, McKay?"

Without even looking up from where he was fastening the rope to itself, McKay nodded.


Ronon pulled Sheppard upright, his head laying limply, and started weaving the rope around his torso, purposefully laying the rope across welts from the night before. Working carefully, Ronon made sure that the ropes couldn't rub very much. With a touch of gel, lube they called it here, at each contact point Ronon was done.

When he sat back, Ronon saw the thin cord McKay had wrapped around Sheppard's cock. Little crisscrosses left bits of skin bare and the wraps around the head and base would be felt with every touch.

John panted as McKay petted his hair.

"So good, John. Stand up."

With little help, John stood and spread his legs wide. Ronon watched McKay wrapping a rope around one leg for several moments before copying the pattern on the other leg. Above them Sheppard swayed slightly. Ronon pressed his fingernail into Sheppard's hip and that got him to hold still until McKay tied off the last rope at John's ankle.

With a gentle push, Sheppard was bent at the waist, his ass in the air. A breathy moan escaped Sheppard. Caressing the rope that wrapped around Sheppard's forearm, Ronon watched McKay slick his fingers.

"Sore from last night?"

John wiggled and sighed as McKay brushed his hole with wet fingertips. "Back is sore."

"Uh huh." McKay slid a finger gently around John's opening. Ronon gripped the rope wrapped around John's upper arm and squeezed as McKay's fingers sank into John.

Moaning, John arched into the thrust. Ronon slid a loose hand up and down John's dick. McKay began to slowly finger fuck John. He added another finger as John went limp enough his head touched the sheets.


He was on fire. The pain from the welts mingled with the thrusting fingers inside him and John pushed back trying to find more. He needed it. Needed them. With a grunt, John tried to find Ronon. He had to keep Ronon with him, no running away from what they could have.

With a cry, John latched his mouth onto Ronon's wrist. It was nice skin. He sank his teeth in, trying to keep the warm wrist in his mouth as Ronon rumbled. He tried to listen, but it didn't matter, so John sucked on Ronon's skin until he was gently pried off.

As suddenly as Ronon's skin disappeared it came back. Not seeing a mark on the skin in front of him, John latched on with his teeth and began sucking in time to the thrusting in his ass. He was wanted like this. Needed. They loved him like this. Sucking harder, John spread his legs wider, the ropes cutting into his knees and shins.


Ronon nudged Sheppard's leg back in a little as the rope cut deep into John's pale skin. Letting Sheppard pull on his nipple, Ronon helped reposition Sheppard so that he was straddling McKay. Ronon pulled Sheppard's head back, as McKay slid his cock into Sheppard.

With his fingers, Ronon traced the ropes, listening to Sheppard's sounds as McKay slowly fucked him. He listened to Sheppard pleading with McKay for more. Slicking his fingers, Ronon gently slid a finger into Sheppard beside McKay's shaft.

John's head snapped back. He shivered as he groaned. "Oh, yes. Please...more."

Pulling up a rope with his free hand, Ronon let it snap back. The sound was sharp and John grunted as he ground himself down on McKay. Ronon slipped another finger in and twisted them.

McKay arched and whimpered. Ronon wrapped his long arms around Sheppard and held him still.

"Ours, Sheppard. You've given yourself to us." Ronon slammed into Sheppard and held him fast as he arched up with a cry. "Worth everything, my own."

John sucked in great heaving breaths as they rocked together in and out. McKay buried his face in John's chest as Ronon moved an arm to wrap around McKay as well. He could feel McKay's hand pumping John's cock, pressing the little cord into John's sensitive skin.

Pounding harder, faster, Ronon felt it as John began to shake between them.

"That's...it, John." McKay's hand jacked faster. "Come apart for us. Show us your trust."


John felt good and hurt. His body shook as his dick pulsed. He shattered as the pain grew. His cock hurt, the pleasure in his ass mingling and making John arch into the arms holding him. His prostate was stroked and hit, the pleasure pulsing through him as he convulsed.


Ronon trembled as he lay a dazed John down on his side. John stirred enough to mutter a thank you before snuggling deeper into the covers. He'd made quick work of the ropes and cords holding Sheppard. Once all the ropes were freed, McKay spread a sharp smelling creme on the welts. Then he helped McKay pull a shirt on Sheppard's thin frame.

The shirt made Sheppard shiver and moan quietly. Ronon wrapped himself around Sheppard's back and watched McKay speak quietly into his radio, telling someone that Sheppard was only on-call. That done, McKay slipped back into the bed with them.

"I don't know how John's bed does this, but it is never bigger unless I'm going to be sleeping in it." McKay frowned. "Well, it'll probably do it for you too, now."

Ronon lifted John's limp arm up. McKay didn't need more of an invitation to move closer. "I can sleep on the floor."

"Oh, no, you don't. I don't want to hear the crap from John that'd bring." McKay lifted his head to look closely at Ronon. "John's the submissive. You know that right?"

Smiling, Ronon rubbed a large hand down Sheppard's front. "My own."

McKay snorted as he rearranged John's limbs to his liking. "As long as you continue to share."

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