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Title: Making Time
Author: whiteraven1606
Pairing: Sheppard/McKay/Ronon
Summary: This just wasn't what Rodney wanted to put up with so early in the day.
Kink Challenge: "You know you'd love it"
Spoilers: (if any) Uh, I don't think so; unless you count Ronon.
Author's Notes: So, this didn't end up were I wanted at all. *sigh* I could blame it on a lot of things, but really I just didn't feel like fighting where the story zoomed off to. This has a counterpart called Marking Time.
Warnings: Hurt/comfort, implied drugged sex, and less porn than most would like.


Rodney was pissed. As he hit the ground on his knees he was already trying to figure out how to keep these stupid crazies from hurting them. Well, Sheppard mostly since he was out cold. Turning his head, Rodney watched as they shoved Ronon down beside him.

Panting, Ronon started to try to get back to his feet, but one of the goons slammed the butt of their crossbow into his head. Rodney grabbed at Ronon as he swayed. Wanting very badly to scream at them for unnecessary hitting, Rodney didn't because keeping them from hurting either of the others was more important. He'd figured out how to tell insanity when he saw it during the storm, and these people had it.

"You hurt?"

Ronon shook his head slightly and then squeezed his eyes closed. "No."

Rodney rolled his eyes and started to check Sheppard's pulse.


Ronon let McKay steady him as they knelt, waiting for what would come next. The enemy had gone down swiftly, but there had been too many of them. He seen Teyla get away, maybe. When Sheppard had gotten overwhelmed, Ronon had tried to help. Hadn't worked. Sighing, Ronon watched McKay check Sheppard's condition.

"How bad is he?"

"I'm sure he'll wake." The voice wasn't McKay's. Snapping his head up hurt, but Ronon wasn't caring as he watched a predator of a man step out into view. The man circled them slowly. "I'm told you are not form this world and that means you can help us in our research."


Telling himself that they'd survive even as the bastards dosed him with their awful tasting drug, Rodney didn't struggle a lot. He vaguely remembered Ford once saying that saving energy for fighting the drug itself was more important. That anyone could break. Except he couldn't, if he did, they'd test Sheppard. Rodney watched, horrified, as Ronon fought them tooth and nail until they finally dosed him. Several of their captors came out of it with bite marks.

Left in the middle of the small courtyard, well, maybe arena was a better name, looking around Rodney could see how the steps up the sides were deep enough to be seats. Which didn't bode well for them at all. Plopping back onto his butt beside Sheppard, he looked over at Ronon huddled a few feet away.

"I'm sorry. I should have, I don't know something. I didn't see anything on the scanner and..."

Ronon looked at him. "Why me?"

Blinking, it could Rodney a moment to figure out what Ronon was actually referring to. "I...I'm...It. Look, Sheppard and I are, well..."

"Mates. Why tell them to use me instead of him? He made it clear what the drug will do."

"Two, actually. Two drugs. Yours was a different color than mine." Rodney shifted slightly. "Anyone explained about not talking about relationships and how that works for the military?"

Ronon snorted. "They gossip. A lot."

"Yes, well, be that as it may..." Rodney grabbed his throat, that hurt, talking hurt. That wasn't good. "Ronon."


Ronon dug into his pocket for the injection that Sheppard had given him to carry for McKay. He wasn't displaying any of the other symptoms of the allergy that Carson had taught him to look for. As he brought it out, McKay was already shaking his head.

"No. Not a...not that. Just you, okay?" The voice was hoarse, forced, as McKay struggled to grab Ronon's sleeve.

Nodding, because there was nothing he could really say that would help, Ronon caught McKay as he started to fall over. Their captors appeared then, first holding him down as they took skin form each of them, they slipped McKay's eyes closed, and then they took them into the building.

Ronon fought them every step of the way as soon as he got his first glance of what was inside. Once they were dumped into their call, Ronon helped McKay lean against a wall, while Sheppard lay between them. "Sorry."

McKay flapped a hand at him.

"Sheppard will be mad at me for what their drugs will make us do."

Frowning, McKay forced his eyes open and looked down at Sheppard. Then he shook his head before starting to nod, but stopping.

"You don't know." Ronon watched as McKay opened his mouth and closed it again without a sound. "He'll have right to be..."

McKay smacked his arm.


Gesturing to Sheppard and then at himself, McKay grabbed as his throat and whispered. "He was scared to ask you to join." McKay grimaced and took several deep, slow breaths.

"You'd better not talk more."

Nodding tiredly, McKay grasped his wrist. "Safe with you."

Ronon finally nodded. "Quit talking."


It was just as awful as he'd thought it'd be. Well, not the act itself. Ronon was...gentle. Which was weird. No, it was the so-called scientists watching them that bothered him the most. Well, that and the fact that he couldn't control his eyelids or anything else for that matter.

They bastards had cut his clothing off when Ronon had refused to remove it for him. Damn his hands for going the useless route of his voice. If his breathing were impaired he'd be far more worried about how his body was reacting to this. They'd closed his eyes again at that point so he couldn't see if Ronon was okay.

Actually that was stupid. He wasn't okay and Rodney knew that. He'd seen Ronon's uncertain look at Sheppard's still form in the cell. He wondered just how different things were that Ronon knew; had learned before they'd met.


He could hear the others talking. Rodney tried to move, but that was useless. Ronon actually said he'd keep him from going crazy. That was good. He didn't like feeling crazy. Like now with the darkness and the nothing and his body just... There was a hand on his arm. Big, warm. Had to be Ronon. And there was Sheppard too.

He could do this. He could. Survive whatever stupid things they did to him and his teammates and go home to let Shep...John, it could be John since he couldn't babble it out loud, just hold him. That'd be good. Maybe hold Ronon too. Wouldn't be normal, but it'd be...okay.


Rodney knew Ronon was seeing something bad as his breath hitched as they were taken back to their cell. He really wished he could talk, move, anything as he listened to John's slightly panicked voice trying to get Ronon to let go of his arm.

Then there was solid warmth up against his side and Rodney knew it was better as Ronon's breathing evened out. He could feel John's eyes on them and Rodney wanted so badly to move, or speak. Blink, that'd be good.


Ronon was glad McKay's eyes were closed. Very glad he couldn't see the rooms they passed through between the cell and the research area. He was almost glad of the scared silence of the other captives in those rooms. Almost.

They dropped McKay onto the platform and he knelt down beside him to remove his clothing. It had only taken the one time for Ronon to decide that they weren't going to cut the clothes of McKay each time. He'd seen the look of terror as the knife had appeared, before they'd closed McKay's eyes.

He'd developed an idea about the drug's effects. This time he was going to use just his fingers and mouth. He'd see if he could drag out the time without causing the mindlessness of last time. He didn't want to hurt McKay, but not touching him had made the need far worse. Not that McKay flinched at either way of being taken. That made him wonder about the people before Sheppard. Make him think about whether Sheppard wanted to kill those people for teaching McKay to mistrust so much that he didn't move at all.

It hurt for him to speak now, but Ronon knew it was important to try to explain to McKay so he'd panic less. Leaning in close, Ronon muttered into McKay's ear as he picked at the knot of the drawstring pants. They'd been missing long enough that another team could be on the way, but he couldn't count on that.


Rodney could feel a difference in himself as they were shoved into their cell. This time hadn't been the mindless rut that had happened when Ronon had tried not to touch him. Although, from the sound of Ronon's breathing, it had been harder on him than it had been on Rodney. Wondering how someone could cry that silently, Rodney felt himself rearranged to the other's liking and mentally sighed. Oh, hey, his toes had twitched. Concentrating, Rodney tried again and was rewarded with his toes actually obeying.


When he hit his knees this time, Rodney opened his eyes. Blinking rapidly to clear his vision, Rodney checked Ronon who was staring down the crazy idiot that had started this mess.

"Both of you have survived the drug. This is wondrous news for us all."

Rodney could feel himself wanting to snarl. Shaking himself a little he forced his voice to obey. "Really? Somehow I don't agree." Oh, that hurt. Rubbing at his throat, Rodney watched Ronon cock his head.

"Then you well let us go?"

Shrugging, the man made a vague gesture. "Perhaps when you are no longer of use to us."

Ronon surged up, but was roughly shoved back down.

"The women are pleased with the skin samples given to them. It has been said that the Ancestors themselves favor you." The man titled his head to look down his nose at them. "I think it is lies, the walls never glow when a man is there to see." Straightening, the man began to slowly circle them again.

Rodney tried to calm his breathing. They'd get out of this. It was only a matter of time. John would do something unbelievably stupid and they'd either escape or would be rescued. Either way they'd be away from here.

Coming to a stop in front of them again, the man clasped his hands behind his back. "You will be further tested." Gesturing to the seating around him, the man smiled as he spoke. "The scientists wish to learn why you have not broken from the fertility drug as so many have."

"Fuck you." Ronon's voice was weary sounding, so Rodney added his own point with an obscene gesture.

The man frowned down at them. "Well, we could simply test the other male or perhaps the female?"

Oh, they didn't have Teyla; they'd have already used her a leverage if they did. Rodney straightened up. "You don't have the female."

"Perhaps, but we do have the male, don't we?" Cocking his head, the man lifted his eyebrows. "Would you rather watch as his stamina is tested?"

Rodney could feel his blood pressure rising. Lifting his chin he started to yell, but something happened and suddenly all the guards were rushing the doorway. Leaning to see past Ronon, Rodney could see people down and John...no, Sheppard fighting...or not. That hit had to hurt.

As they shoved Sheppard to his knees beside them, someone whispered in the man's ear and then he stepped closer. "I'm told you've killed several test subjects."

"They were too loud."

Others? Oh, but...Rodney thought it through very fast. Sheppard would have killed them only if he couldn't save them or free them. That's what Ronon had to have seen when they were being moved. Bastards, thought Rodney. They'd closed his eyes so he hadn't seen, but both of his teammates had.

"Perhaps you would understand what we are trying to do here."

Rodney rolled his eyes as he listened to Sheppard draw out the whole stupid story they'd already gotten...Rodney blinked. They'd heard this right before they'd been drugged. And there was little he could do to stop them. Then Sheppard asked a stupid question. Always the women, how did he manage that?

Watching in horror, Rodney knelt there frozen as both Ronon and Sheppard were dosed. Starting towards Ronon, who had a lot more people on him, Rodney froze as a guard went down with a bullet hole in his head. About time for help come.


Leaning back against the wall of the Jumper, Sheppard silently watched Rodney form under his eyelids. It was odd how he'd not ranted or hardly complained at all. The drug had seemed to have worn off since he spoke to Cadman. Noise at all was good, even though he'd like to have heard something other than Rodney saying he wasn't okay. With Ronon leaning against his leg, which was cutting off his circulation, he couldn't move. Not that he could do much to help Rodney until later, after everyone was done checking them over.

As the Jumper touched down, Sheppard could feel Ronon shift to start to get up. Opening his eyes fully he watched Cadman lead Rodney out and then Ronon blocked his view as he stood up only to crash back to the deck.

Sheppard yelled for medical help because he just knew that Ronon had the same problem Rodney had before. As Carson's people loaded Ronon onto a gurney, Sheppard grabbed the doctor and forced the words to come to try and explain what he thought was happening.


At first Ronon hadn't cared that they'd left his weapons behind on that planet. Now laying flat with the air rushing past his face and the voices chattering above him, he wanted his weapons. Any of them. When he came to a stop they moved him abruptly. He'd seen them do the same to Sheppard before so he knew what it was, but it still startled him. Only his body didn't respond.

Thinking back he realized that the color of the drug they'd poured down him had been the color of McKay's. Testing his body, Ronon quickly figured out that nothing worked. Nothing responded. Staring at the dark of his eyelids, Ronon decided that McKay was braver than anyone knew. Maybe even Sheppard, because this was not something McKay would seem to be able to survive.


Cadman didn't really know what to say to Rodney as she pulled the only chair closer to his bed. "Ronon is still out. The nurse says he looks okay except that he won't wake up. Sheppard is holed up with Doc in his office. Telya's asleep, but I'll make sure someone tells her as soon as she's awake."

As Rodney froze, Cadman tensed. Then she was off, dodging around medical personnel to get to Ronon. Sliding to a stop, Cadman kept the nurse from removing Ronon's boot and sent her off to get Carson. Controlling her breathing, she explained to Ronon that they knew, that she'd have McKay and Sheppard here quickly. She told him that his weapons were safe as well. Cadman stood beside Ronon, waiting, and thought about just how many snapped necks she'd counted as she'd searched for the rest of their gear.


Carson actually wasn't surprised Sheppard insisted on his room. The bed being far bigger than he remembered, now that surprised him. The food Cadman had called for arrived just moments after they did. And Carson fussed with shifting Ronon from the gurney to the bed to take more time to look over the three men. As Sheppard shooed them out, Carson worried about getting back into the room to help if they needed it. He knew Rodney was going to disable the door. As soon as they were locked out, Carson called Zalenka to talk over ideas just in case he needed to get back in there.


Plopping down beside Teyla, who was awake, Cadman sighed. "Hi. I figured that you might not know yet. We found them. All three are fine, well, mostly. No one was injured, but they'd been forced to take a drug by the locals."

Teyla frowned and flexed her wrapped arm. "Is it known what the drug does to them?"

"Not exactly. I know that Ronon wasn't able to move, but was aware. The Colonel insisted on the three of them being left alone in his room. I'm pretty sure Dr. Weir would be having a fit if she weren't on the mainland."

"Perhaps." Teyla leaned back into her pillow. "We will simply have to wait."


Ronon woke, blinking. It was over and he was between the other two. Shifting carefully, he came face to face with Sheppard.

"Still okay?"


"Well, I think that's probably from how much you struggled with the guards."

Ronon knew that, but he didn't need to remind Sheppard of anything from that planet. "Why did you say I could stay with you both?"

Sheppard made a face and pushed himself up onto one elbow. "Something Rodney said actually. He told me once that I'd really love sex with you if I tried it. Even tried to con me into asking you to join us once by telling me how much of a kink threesomes are to some to people."

Ronon raised his eyebrows.

"Okay, that came out wrong. I'm not exactly good at expressing myself sometimes..."

"Did well enough last night." Ronon brushed his fingertips across the discolored skin Sheppard had bitten.

The blush was hard to see in the low light, but Ronon liked watching Sheppard's ears change color. Muttering something about revenge, Sheppard poked McKay hard in the ribs as he rolled out of bed and disappeared into the bathroom. Ronon was left with a failing, gibbering McKay and a blanket twisted around them both.


Leaning his forehead into the shower wall, John thought maybe it would have been better if Rodney had conned him into inviting Ronon into their relationship. Not that he'd call it that to anyone, including Rodney. If it had happened then it would have been nicer than what they'd been through with this last mission.

It probably would have involved a lot of yelling and bitching, but he figured that Ronon would have gotten fed up to the point where he just shoved McKay down and as he went to separate them, they'd have jumped him. It would have been...well, something he would have seen coming from a mile off. This on the other hand wasn't something he'd have planned or thought of at all. Glancing down at his hands, he spread them out and looked at each finger. He could still see the horde of men in each room, shackled, naked, pleading for him to kill them. Free them from life because he couldn't free them from their bindings.

A warm hand touched his chilled shoulder and Sheppard snapped his head up. When had he gotten cold? "What?"

Rodney pulled his hand back and behind him stood Ronon, silently watched. "John, huh, I really want to just..."

"Fuck me." They both stood there blinking at him. "Please?"

Ronon gently pushed Rodney forward.


It didn't take long to get Rodney involved. Ronon watched as he shoved John harder into the wall. The strokes just beginning to lose their smooth glide. As Rodney came, Ronon pressed him up against John. Listening avidly to the groans, Ronon helped Rodney slid to sit on the bench against the wall, before slipping his cock into John.

Resting his forehead on John's shoulder, Ronon listened, felt, the low sounds John made as he rocked as much as he could trapped up against the wall. Brining his hand up to cover John's were it was spread on the wall, Ronon began fucking him with strong thrusts. Then Rodney's hands were teasing his balls and stroking John, who threw back his head and moaned. Quickly shifting, Ronon caught Rodney's hand on John's shaft and kept him stroking even as he stopped pumping into John's heat.

Ronon used his upper body to hold John in place as he captured Rodney's other hand and brought it to where he was joined to John. Wetting the fingers with the slick substance they'd given him to use to ease his way into John's body, Ronon pressed one of Rodney's fingers in alongside his dick. Rodney whimpered into the side of John's hip.

"Oh...please....More, more, need..." John arched against Ronon's weight. "Please."

The second finger slid in and Ronon slowly rocked in and out. It was pure joy to listen to their noises, as their movements grew more frantic. Then those clever fingers shifted and suddenly John was rutting, shoving himself back and thrusting forward into Rodney's other hand.

Hands sliding across sweat dampened skin, Ronon matched John's speed and then kept right on fucking as John shook and shook. Ronon eventually helped John down to his knees and then thrust back into him.


Dazed, Rodney watched them fuck as Ronon wrapped himself around John as they knelt on the floor of the shower. Ronon's powerful movements, the look of pure pleasure on John's face. This was right. He'd do whatever it took to keep them together, because he wasn't going to lose this. Well, this and that ridiculously big bed of John's. Everything else they could hash out after John was done being turned into a puddle of goo.
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