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Title: Something To Remind You
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lorenquille
Recipient: [livejournal.com profile] jade_1459
Pairing: John/Rodney
Rating: NC17
Summary: You can teach an old dog new tricks.
Kink Challenge: Stalker Challenge
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Bondage, d/s, marking

Rodney squeezed his eyes shut and tried to block out the sights and sounds coming from the nearby table.

It was dinner time and the mess hall was crowded. Unfortunately, it wasn't crowded enough to block Rodney's view of the disgusting scene unfolding just across the room.

As another high-pitched giggle reached him, he dropped his head onto his folded arms and sighed, Rodney couldn't watch any longer, he was in serious danger of losing his appetite.

"Is not so bad. She will be leaving on Deadalus in three days."

Rodney's head shot up as Zelenka slid into the seat opposite.Rodney gave him what he hoped was a confused stare, but it didn't seem to achieve the desired effect.

"Colonel Sheppard and Dr. Summers" Radek waved his hand in the couple's general direction. "She is attractive, no? And she seems very fond of the Colonel. But you should not let it bother you."

"I have no idea what you're talking about. Why should I care if Colonel. Sheppard decides to drape himself across every empty-headed bimbo that passes through Atlantis?" Rodney replied, trying for casual dismissal and (he suspected) failing miserably.

"But you do care I think" Radek smirked and Rodney resisted the urge to smack him. "Although you should not. Clearly Sheppard cannot help himself. He is like trained sheepdog. Is unfortunate condition, but he should be pitied. He sees pretty girl and becomes posturing idiot. It means nothing."

Rodney stared at Radek in shock. What he was saying actually made sense. John had demonstrated on many occasions that he flirts as easily as he breathes. It was second nature to him and didn't necessarily mean he was the slightest bit interested in the woman in question. John Sheppard simply couldn't help himself.

On closer inspection, John appeared to be paying very little attention to Dr. Summers. He seemed more concerned with batting his eyes and grinning in her general direction than actually listening to anything she had to say.

Rodney released his breath in a long whoosh and relaxed. Radek was right, he had nothing to worry about. Oh shit, Radek, who was still smirking and looking (in Rodney's opinion) unjustifiably smug.

Rodney waved a finger at him and glared. "Don't say a word!"

"I would not dream of it Rodney."

Rodney nodded in satisfaction and resumed his observations. Dr. Summers was stroking John on the arm and smiling up at him with wide eyes, obviously smitten. She whispered something and John preened like a peacock.

Now that Rodney wasn't worried he started getting angry. He and John hadn't been together long, but they were definitely enough of a couple that John's flirting was wildly inappropriate. It may be involuntary, but Rodney didn't think that was much of an excuse.

As Dr. Summers ran her fingers over John's shoulder (honestly, why didn't she just hand him her panties and climb onto his lap?) Rodney seethed quietly. Maybe John needed to be reminded exactly why he shouldn't be flaunting himself in front of attractive women.

Nodding at vaguely appropriate intervals, Rodney tuned out Radek's comments on the poor quality of the food and watched John, his eyes narrowing as a plan started to form.

"Oh yeah, that's the spot, just like that." John wriggled and groaned as Rodney licked his way up his neck to the sensitive spot just under his ear. "God that feels great."

Rodney was a master at this. He could spend what felt like forever licking, sucking and nibbling his way up John's naked body until he was helpless and panting, driving John out of his mind with frustrated arousal.

Fun as this was though, John was getting impatient. Rodney's mouth was great, but it suddenly wasn't enough.

John twisted his lower body and tried to bring his aching cock into contact with Rodney's hand, which was currently stroking his waist. He had a few brief moments of delicious pressure before Rodney moved his hand to John's wrist and gently circled it with his thumb and index finger.

"Come on Rodney." John whined, thrusting his hips hopefully in Rodney's direction.

"Be patient." Rodney squeezed his wrist a little harder. "We'll get there."

"Hopefully some time today." John pouted and tried to tug his wrist away, but to his surprise Rodney just tightened his grip and held on. "Um, could I have that back?" John asked nodding at his trapped hand.

"I don't think so." John shivered slightly at Rodney's tone. His voice was pitched low and sounded a little stern. "I don't want you running this hand over anyone but me, and since you can't be trusted to keep it under control, I've decided to do it for you." Rodney reached under his pillow and pulled out a pair of leather cuffs.

"Rodney?" John said, his eyes widening in alarm. "Where did you get those?"

Rodney didn't answer, just wrapped the first strip of leather around John's captive wrist and fastened the buckle.

John let him.

As Rodney slowly drew John's other hand up and gave it the same treatment as the first, John began to panic. Why was he allowing this? He had no doubt that Rodney would stop if John asked him to, but he couldn't seem to form the words. Instead he lay still as Rodney pulled his arms tight above his head and fastened the cuffs to the bed frame.

"There now." Rodney said, sitting back with a satisfied smirk. "That should help you keep your hands to yourself."

John pulled at the cuffs and was surprised by the surge of arousal that shot through him when they held firm. He couldn't get out of the cuffs unless Rodney decided to let him out, and right now that wasn't looking very likely. John wondered when that had become a good thing.

"I was watching you today, John, in the mess. You were flirting again." As John opened his mouth to protest, Rodney covered it with his hand. "It's OK, John. I'm not mad. I know you can't help it."

What the hell was Rodney talking about? John didn't flirt, he was just friendly. He didn't think it would help to tell Rodney that, though.

"Close your eyes." Rodney said and again John found himself obeying without question. "Good. Now we can get started."

Get started? The panic was back and John's eyes shot open just as Rodney wrapped a cloth around them, completely obscuring his vision.

"Rodney! What the hell do you think you're doing? Is that a blindfold? Where did you get all this stuff?"

"Quiet!" Rodney snapped and John flinched at the harsh sound. Rodney sounded really pissed.

"Rodney?" John hated how small and nervous his voice sounded, but he didn't know what was happening or why his lover seemed so angry. Just as he was about to demand that Rodney remove the blindfold and undo the cuffs, he felt a gentle hand caress his face.

"If you really don't like this John, I promise I'll stop, but I think it's something we both need. A hot mouth covered his and John pressed up into the kiss without hesitation. Rodney ran his tongue over John's bottom lip before catching it between his teeth and tugging gently. "You need to remember who you belong to and I need you to trust me." He said pulling away.

How could he argue with that? He did trust Rodney and he was self aware enough to admit that he was wildly turned on by this display of aggression and jealousy. The idea of belonging to Rodney was an attractive one, mostly because he was certain that Rodney also belonged completely to him. Many of his fantasies had started this way and he often longed for Rodney to be more forceful in bed.

John relaxed and surrendered.

"I trust you, Rodney. I'm all yours." Rodney rewarded him with a hard, demanding kiss, easily taking possession of John's mouth while running his hands along John's bound arms, pushing slightly so he felt the pull of the cuffs.

Rodney moved slowly along John's jaw, kissing and biting gently until he reached the sensitive skin on John's neck. Once there he licked and sucked until John was writhing and panting. Damn Rodney! He knew his neck was his weak spot and enough attention paid to the area could reduce John to incoherent gasps.

After a lifetime of delicious torture, Rodney finally lifted his mouth from John's neck and moved away. John whined, instantly missing the contact, but Rodney didn't return. Instead he moved further down the bed and John cried out in shocked delight as a hot, hot mouth covered his nipple, sucking and biting, sending sparks dancing through his body.

"God you're hot like this." Rodney said, dragging his tongue across Johns aching flesh, pulling more helpless sounds from him. "I wish you could see yourself. I wish they could see you. Everyone who thinks it's OK to put their hands on you, to touch you, wish they could see you this way, tied up, blindfolded, mine!"

He bit down hard and John howled. Burning pleasure shot from his nipple straight to his already desperate cock and he pulled savagely against the cuffs, trying to find some distance from the overwhelming sensations tearing through him. Just as he was sure he couldn't stand any more, Rodney pulled back and John didn't know if the resulting moan was from relief or disappointment.

"I've left a mark." Rodney sounded awed and his voice broke as he ran his fingers over the sore skin on John's chest. "It's beautiful."

"I want to see." John said craning his neck up and squinting into the blindfold. He could picture it, knew how it would look and he wanted to see it, Rodney's mark on him.

"Later, I'm not done." Rodney said.

John tried to guess what was coming next, but he had clearly underestimated Rodney's stealthy abilities, because he was in no way prepared when Rodney flicked his tongue over the head of his dripping cock, making John moan and thrust. Rodney rode out the thrust and went back to slowly driving John out of his mind, licking and kissing until John finally lost it and begged.

"Please Rodney! Come on, you're killing me, I need it, wanna come!" He wriggled and thrust, trying desperately to get Rodney to take him in his mouth. He was disappointed when Rodney pulled away, but he quickly perked up when he felt Rodney's hands on his ass.

Those big hands pulled his cheeks open to leave him completely exposed and John couldn't stop the blush from warming his face. He was still new enough to this that it felt strange to have Rodney looking at him so intimately. Strange, but undeniably exciting.

"I love seeing you like this." Rodney pressed a thumb to the sensitive spot behind John's balls and he let out and embarrassing squeak which he immediately repressed. "I want to fuck you John. I want to bury myself so deep inside you you'll feel it for days!"

"Yes! Christ McKay get on with it!" Rodney gave a low chuckle and John spared a moment to be offended, but all thoughts fled as Rodney stroked two fingers over his entrance. John moaned and whimpered as Rodney caressed his twitching hole and when his tongue followed those clever, wicked hands John cried out in delight.

His breath was coming in sharp, shallow pants and his entire body was trembling and aching and John dimly thought that nothing had ever felt so good. Rodney was lazily thrusting his tongue in and out of John's ass, while his hands pulled and rubbed at his cock in all the best possible ways. It wasn't quite enough to make him come, but Rodney kept him hanging expertly on the edge of what John knew would be an explosive climax. If it ever arrived.

Finally, finally Rodney pushed a slick finger in next to his tongue and twisted it sharply, making John jerk and pull on the cuffs.

"About. Fucking. Time!" He panted, swaying his hips in encouragement. Thankfully Rodney took the hint and added another finger, scissoring them and stretching John's already relaxed channel. "God yeah, that's it. Come on Rodney, fuck me!"

Rodney withdrew his fingers and John moaned at the loss, but it quickly changed to a gasp of pleasure as he felt Rodney's thick cock pushing at his entrance.

John tried to relax as Rodney slowly entered him, pausing half way in, allowing John to feel every inch as he was taken. Once inside Rodney stopped and leaned forward, bringing his lips to John's ear.

"Remember this the next time some bimbo puts her hands on you. Remember how it feels to have my cock buried in your ass, claiming you." Rodney pulled back and began to move. Hard thrusts shook John and made him whimper and he crossed his ankles behind Rodney's back, pulling him close and urging him to speed up.

Rodney's thrusts got harder and faster, each one dragging exquisitely over John's prostate. John arched his back and moaned, lost in pleasure. He was so close, if Rodney would just touch him!

As if he could read what was left of John's mind, Rodney reached between them and wrapped his hand around John's now frantic cock. Three strokes were all it took until John was arching off the bed, sobbing and gasping, violent shudders running through him as wave after wave of red hot ecstasy tore his body apart.

As the world slowly came back into focus, John realized that the blindfold had been removed and his hands were free of the cuffs. Someone was running a damp cloth over his cock and stomach, cleaning him. He felt the bed dip and warm arms wrapped around him, pulling him close.

"Thank you." Rodney said, laying kisses in his hair. "That was incredible."

"Mmm." John snuggled closer to Rodney and burrowed under the covers. "Sleep now." And he drifted off, feeling happy, sated and very, very loved.

"Colonel Sheppard!" John looked from his seat in the mess hall to see a very pretty brunette in a science uniform smiling at him. He automatically shifted to a more flattering pose and gave her a charming grin.

"What can I do for you, Dr...?" She fluttered her eyelashes and smiled.

"Dr Victoria Sydney, but please, call me Vicky."

"OK, Vicky." John said, making her giggle.

"I was wondering if you'd like to have lunch with me?" She touched his arm briefly and John tensed his arm to harden the muscles under her fingers. "I just arrived in the city and I don't really know anyone yet, so..."

John was about to agree that of course he would have lunch with her, when his manly posing caused his shirt to rub across his chest. He bit back a gasp as it slid over his still tender nipple and John's mind flashed back to that morning when he had finally gotten a look at Rodney's mark, spending at least ten minutes admiring it in his quarters before getting dressed.

"I'm sorry Dr. Sydney, but I have somewhere else to be." He stood and picked up his tray. "Welcome to Atlantis." He gave her a formal nod and walked away. As he looked back he saw her shrug and move over to Major Lorne's table, where she received an enthusiastic welcome. John felt strangely proud of himself.

He headed out of the mess, but just before he reached the door, he noticed Rodney sitting at a table in the corner. From that position, he must have seen everything. Rodney gave him a nod and a small smile, but John saw the pleased look he couldn't quite hide. Oh yeah! He was so getting a reward for this later!

As he wandered the halls, John wondered if he should call by the labs. There was a cute blonde there who always flirted with him and if he timed it right, he could politely turn her down just as Rodney got back from lunch. John smiled to himself and hummed off-key as he walked, contemplating just what his reward would be.

He was feeling more chaste and pure already.

Date: 2008-02-29 10:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lavvyan.livejournal.com
There was a cute blonde there who always flirted with him and if he timed it right, he could politely turn her down just as Rodney got back from lunch.

Oh, John. *dies*

Date: 2008-03-26 04:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lorenquille.livejournal.com
Thanks for the comment!

Date: 2008-03-01 01:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wanted-a-pony.livejournal.com
He was feeling more chaste and pure already.

OMG yes, pure as the driven slush! Oh, John, you hussy. Rodney is going to have his hands full trying to retrain you. Pavlov's dogs were simple--you, on the other hand, are easy but at least you know what you like & want....

Date: 2008-03-26 04:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lorenquille.livejournal.com
Yep, John's a mutt, but Rodney loves him! Thanks for commenting.

Date: 2008-03-01 10:36 pm (UTC)
ext_29716: Winter Wolf TDF (SGA John taking orders)
From: [identity profile] thdancingferret.livejournal.com
He was feeling more chaste and pure already.

LOL! John, John... I think Rodney's smart enough to figure it out eventually but yes, you just might get a reward for your 'chaste and pure' behaviour... ;)

Date: 2008-03-26 04:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lorenquille.livejournal.com
I guarantee he'll get a reward ;) Thanks for the comment.

Date: 2008-03-03 02:32 am (UTC)
shaddyr: (Up to No Good - John)
From: [personal profile] shaddyr
He automatically shifted to a more flattering pose and gave her a charming grin. and She touched his arm briefly and John tensed his arm to harden the muscles under her fingers.

Oh *John*, it's a good thing you're *cute* cuz sometimes you're not too bright.

There was a cute blonde there who always flirted with him and if he timed it right, he could politely turn her down just as Rodney got back from lunch.

Oh dear god. Rodney has no *idea* what kind of monster he's just created.

This, my friend, will have me giggling for the rest of the evening.

Date: 2008-03-26 04:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lorenquille.livejournal.com
I'm glad it made you giggle. This is my first attempt at writing fic and I tried to make it serious, but John refused to cooperate. Thank you for commenting!

Date: 2008-03-03 05:22 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jade-1459.livejournal.com
Great possessive Rodney! This was an awesome read and it hit so many kinks. Thank you for this, wonderful stalker person! *memories*

Date: 2008-03-26 04:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lorenquille.livejournal.com
I'm so happy you liked it! I've never written anything before, so I was very nervous. Thanks for commenting!

Date: 2008-03-03 08:54 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] antares04a.livejournal.com
This is funny and hot at the same time. And like everybody else I like the last line! *g* So many wonderful promises for the future with rewards and punishment, if John times it right. *g*

Date: 2008-03-26 04:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lorenquille.livejournal.com
I actually considered taking out the last few lines as I wasn't sure they worked. It seems that I'm unable to write serious fic though. Glad it worked for you!

Date: 2008-03-05 01:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] adafrog.livejournal.com
Very cool, thanks.

Date: 2008-03-26 04:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lorenquille.livejournal.com
You're welcome!

Date: 2008-03-25 10:03 pm (UTC)
ext_2160: SGA John & Rodney (McShep-NeedYou (mine))
From: [identity profile] winter-elf.livejournal.com
I just love Rodney being all possessive - and marking too. Whooo Hoo. Smoking hot. I don't know how I missed this earlier - but it cheered me up today. ROTFL for the last line. Heh.

Date: 2008-03-26 04:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lorenquille.livejournal.com
I'm pleased it cheered you up. Possessive Rodney is the best!
Love your icon!

Date: 2009-10-21 09:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mirror-mirrin.livejournal.com
I absolutely loved it! You somehow managed to fit in a plot into this pwp of sorts. The last sentence is perfect! Thanks for sharing. :)


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